Rhiannon | Green Tea, Rose + Vanilla

Rhiannon | Green Tea, Rose + Vanilla

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In a base of delicate + fruity Dao Ren Green Tea, we've blended Rose petals, Orange peel, and Vanilla essence. It's truly exquisite. Named after the Welsh goddess Rhiannon, goddess of the Sun whose name means "Great Queen," she rides the great green countryside on horseback. Some refer to her as the Queen of the Faeries while others say she is probably derived from the ancient Celtic Goddess, Rigatona. 

How to brew your tea:
Heat your water to 160-170 degrees F (i.e. much lower than boiling). Steep your tea for just 3-4 minutes to extract the delicate, soft fruity notes of this tea, then let it sit for a few minutes before enjoying it. This seems to let the flavors really mingle and unfold. 

Ingredients: *Dao Ren, *Rose, *Orange Peel, *Vanilla Extract.

*Certified Organic