August Giveaways

Hello, friend!

Thanks so much for clicking that link and, more importantly, stepping away from the endless scrolling of Instagram for just a moment to...


Slow down.

Notice the subtle rise and fall of your chest with your breath.

Here at Wild Grace, we're all about the Art of Slow Living. Yep, it's an art. Especially in a time when so many distractions are fighting for your attention.

Your presence is the ultimate gift, so I'm really glad you're here!

You see, I believe that tending to our bodies through seasonal embodied rituals like whole plant skincare, lovingly blended teas, and beautifully poured pure beeswax candles is one way to reconnect both with ourselves, with one another, with the plants, and with the magic-filled world around us.

Since you took the time to softly land here, I have a gift for you...

My Wild Medicine E-book all about the season of Lughnasa and its associated plants, folklore, and some ideas for simple, slow rituals for deep, embodied connection.

But my wish for you is not just connection. It's to remember and romance your Self. Yep, Romance the verb. The action.

My wish for you is to allow yourself to unfold and unwind. To touch your skin with reverence and joy and utter devotion. To re-awaken your senses and fall absolutely in love with your wonder.

So...there's a (not so) hidden coupon code in your e-book for 3 samples of a selection of our skincare products.*

When you check out on your samples, you'll be entered to win the Grand Finale giveaway at the end of the month: a customizable bundle of 3 full sized products!

AND even if you don't win the bundle, you'll still receive 40% off 3 items of your choosing at the end of the month.

So, you literally can't lose.

Download your Lughnasa Wild Medicine E-Book here.

Go on, dive into the e-book and peruse all manner of seasonal magic, medicine, and even a guided meditation. While you're at it, find the coupon code, follow the link provided, and check out on your 3 free samples!

*Samples are free! We just ask that you pay for shipping.