Bloom | Ritual Room + Body Mist

Bloom | Ritual Room + Body Mist

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A ritual spray to celebrate the the flowers currently blooming all over the Northwest, as well as invoke the blooming, blossoming, fertile nature of Beltane. 

Mandarin awakens the inner child within us and reminds of the joy in play. It is lighthearted and invites us to do the same. Whether on our own or with our lover, we're invited to invoke playfulness, flirtation, and fun into our Beltane experiences.

Rose Geranium is wonderfully balancing, nurturing, relaxing, and harmonizing. For me, when I feel like there are too many mean, arguing versions of Katie in my head, it feels like it brings them all together so I can drop into my heart.

Jasmine, well, what can I say? To me, this stuff is sex in a bottle. In aromatherapy terms, it's a "euphoric" oil, which means it has the ability to alter your mood, lift depression, calm anxiety, and remind you of your capacity for joy. 

With the addition of Witch Hazel and Glycerin, this mist makes a lovely facial spray too! 

2 oz.