Commune | Ritual Room + Body Mist

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A blend of Juniper, Frankincense, Oakmoss, Western Red Cedar, and Lavender to invite intentional communion with the ancestors and spirits of the Otherworld. Here's a bit about a few of the oils in this blend:

Juniper Berry strengthens the spirit during times of anxiety, low energy, and weakness as its aroma cleanses the atmosphere of a room and supports centering and mindfulness practices.

Western Red Cedar, from the Cypress family, is native to western North America. The oil is made from the heartwood of the tree and thus balances and softens blends that may become too "sharp" and dispersing (as Coniferous oils can be). 

One of those seemingly contradictory oils, Frankincense uplifts and grounds, disperses and centers energy. With both upward and downward movement of energy, this oil is incredibly regulating and balancing with its spicy, sweet, and woody notes. Its potency comes from the way it helps us integrate and connect the lower, middle, and upper energy centers while honoring the ever-changing, dynamic nature of true, embodied balance.