Freya | Linden + Lemongrass

Freya | Linden + Lemongrass

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The scents of lemongrass and hyssop call to mind summer afternoons in the garden. It smells faintly of how I remember summer evenings visiting my grandparents in Idaho. Simple, nourishing meals eaten outside at dusk. Citronella candles fending off the mosquitoes. The dry heat of the day fading into the cool night as the sun sets.

These plants are also incredibly nourishing to the nervous system and promote the idea of simple pleasures and slow medicine - something we benefit from in the heat of late summer. Let your cup brew a little longer than usual. Stir in some honey. Then go sit outside in the fading light and wait for the fireflies to show up. 

Ingredients: *Oatstraw, *Blackberry leaf, *Lemon Balm, *Linden, *Lemongrass, *Hyssop, *Lemon Thyme, and *Bilberry.

*Certified Organic

{Formerly called Dancing at Lughnasa}