Dream | Ritual Room + Body Mist

Dream | Ritual Room + Body Mist

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A calming-yet-inspiring blend of Chamomile, Lime, Tansy, Vetiver, Lavender, and Mandarin for dream work, embodiment + visionary practices, and to conjure the spirit of Summer. Here's a bit about the energetics of some of the oils in this blend:

Lime - uplifting, relaxing, cooling - is a quintessential Summer scent. Its green-lemony fragrance, a signature of most citrus oils, moves stagnant energy while keeping things cool.

Tansy just smells like summer to me. It's sweet-green fragrance smells like warm wild grasses and wildflowers, and reminds me of those moments of cool respite you might catch under the shade of a big tree.

Vetiver is energetically calming, grounding, cooling, and nurturing. This means it is 1) fantastic for summer heat and 2) immensely helpful when exploring more subconscious, watery, dream worlds. It also balances Lime beautifully!

With the addition of Witch Hazel and Glycerin, this mist makes a lovely, cooling facial spray too! Give it a shake and spritz to invoke a dreamy midnight stroll through a summer garden.

2 oz.