Emerge | Ritual Room + Body Mist

Emerge | Ritual Room + Body Mist

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This mist is Spring in a bottle. And also, the craziest shape-shifter ever. The way these scents dance together is a little different from one bottle to the next, making each one a bit unique.

The basis for the blend is Violet Leaf absolute, the oil of springtime and new beginnings. Rebirth.

It's said that Violet Leaf is also useful for overcoming fears and shyness. For me, these two emotions come up A LOT during times of rebirth, shedding, and tapping into my intuition. But it's balanced against that inner knowing that what is coming forth is far greater than what I had previously thought myself capable of.

Use this mist when it is time to emerge from the depths. Don't misunderstand me, the depths are not a bad place to be. We learn immense lessons about ourselves, our shadows, our power in the depths. But when it is time to rise, then rise. Finished off with notes of Jasmine, Grapefruit, Clary Sage, Tobacco and Geranium to ground, soften, and open.

2 oz.