Fir + Juniper Ritual Room Spray

Fir + Juniper Ritual Room Spray

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Crafted especially for those who are sensitive to smoke or don’t want to burn incense, this ritual room spray is intended to clear your space of icky vibes and stagnant energy.

Juniper has been used for centuries by shamans and healers of many cultures to purify spaces and the energy field in ceremony and ritual. Deborah Eidson writes, “Juniper fortifies and purifies our spiritual will, energetically increasing the crystalline light structure of the etheric body, creating an expansion of consciousness. This allows more light assimilation in the physical body, bringing deep feelings of unconditional love. Juniper also cleanses and purifies the physical and emotional body, releasing stagnant thought patterns of anger, frustration, irritability and anxiety. It opens our heart chakra aligning us with our Soul group and bringing in feelings of safety and protection.”

Once blended, each bottle is charged with smoky quartz and black tourmaline to aid in its sacred space-clearing juju. 

Available in 2 or 4 oz.