Gather | Ritual Room Spray

Gather | Ritual Room Spray

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A warm, spicy, welcoming room, body, or linen mist scented with Holy Basil, Palmarosa, Bergamot, and a few other pure essential oils.

Holy Basil, widely used in Ayurvedic medicine, is considered useful for the brow's energy center (or Third Eye), the chakra of intuition and soul knowledge. It aids trusting your intuition and your soul's natural expression.

Palmarosa's lemony-rose softness is both soothing and astringent, dispersing and gathering. It centers and comforts the heart and mind, and clears away a sense of heaviness to invite greater movement through your body.

And Bergamot, one of my absolute favorite oils, itself an invitation to return to center. It can calm anger, soothe anxiety, and lift depression. In terms of Chinese Medicine, Bergamot harmonizes the shen (aka the spirit) and I see this in clients who come to a session and have a hard time being present for it, even though they know it's where they need to be. 

Use this ritual room + body mist when you sense there's a great need for clarity, centering and holding.