Glow | Ritual Room + Body Mist

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An inspiring, warm, and luminous blend of Blood Orange, Sandalwood, Cardamom, and Cistus, here's a little about the energetics of these oils: 

In Chinese Medicine, Cistus helps draw energy inward and may break open stagnant states of mind, exposing core issues underlying the condition.

Cistus is believed to help alleviate shock and sense of frozenness from traumatic events, and soothes the heart after a crisis, especially when someone is feeling cold and detached. It’s beneficial for meditation, because of its centering and grounding qualities and helps to connect to the spirit realms with ease, especially when feeling a disconnection from the spiritual self.

Sandalwood's woody-sweet fragrance profile energetically relaxes, stabilizes, and centers while balancing excess heat and dampness, nourishing the Yin, and calming the spirit.

We source our Sandalwood from Australia where it is grown sustainably on farms established to take pressure off the Indian Sandalwood market and save this precious tree.⁠

Blood Orange is bright, uplifting, sparkly, and sweet - just like a freshly peeled orange. Therapeutically, blood orange is very similar to sweet orange, but its aroma is just a hint deeper. (Imagine an orange orchard at night!) It's known to regulate the Qi, settle the Heart, and harmonize and balance the spirit, softening the edges when we're feeling sharp.

Use this ritual room + body mist on those days when you need to embody your inner Royal. 

2 oz | 60 mL