Heartbeat Elixir

Heartbeat Elixir

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A potion to hear your soul song.

This tonic will ground your spirit, calm your heart, and soothe your mind.

Hawthorn, traditionally viewed as a heart tonic, reminds us to be patient with ourselves, slow down, and give our heart space to breathe, be still, and speak. It provides sacred boundaries and a soft space to rest in times of heartbreak, grief, or when your energetic heart needs a rest.

Schizandra has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries to calm, awaken and ground the Shen (or Spirit, which is housed in the heart), tonify the mind, bring clarity to a muddled mind, and vision to the cloudy inner eye. Throw in some rose, cinnamon, honey, and brandy, and these herbs act as a nervous system, heart + mind tonic, perfect support for when your body and soul need some deep listening. This lovely blend is also perfect for when you have trouble staying asleep, or never feel like you're getting DEEP, restorative sleep because of anxiety or emotional distress.

Handcrafted with organic hawthorn leaf + flower, schizandra berries, rose petals, cinnamon, brandy, honey.

To Use:
Take by the dropper as needed.

1 oz.

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