Imbolc Wild Medicine Bundle

Imbolc Wild Medicine Bundle

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The Imbolc Wild Medicine Bundle is a collection of embodied rituals help you connect with the energy of this season: conception. This is the time of year when seeds are planted, ideas sparked. Now is when the ground beneath your feet begins to hum and buzz with life. How do you embody this energy? 

This bundle is an exploration of aromatic nervines: Rosemary, Thyme + Lavender, as well as Blue Vervain. Plants for nourishment, initiation, and awakening.

The Wild Medicine Bundle contains 5 products, one for each element:

  • Air - a ritual room + body spray
  • Fire - a large beeswax candle
  • Water - a seasonally-inspired tea blend
  • Earth + Spirit are both mystery items

A $75 value, receive the Wild Medicine Bundle at a discounted rate of $50 through January 25 and $60 thereafter. 

As a Medicine Keeper for the bundle, you receive:

  • an e-book with descriptions and uses for each item, plus additional recipes and ideas for working with seasonal plants.
  • a recorded, guided journey.
  • 10% off the apothecary for the rest of the season

Medicine Keeper bundles will be sent out on January 29 and orders must be placed by January 25.