Orange Sage | Face & Body Soap

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Scintillating, tender, and uplifting - this handmade soap is an exfoliating and delicious bar of goodness! Turn self care into a love affair!

This soap combines blueberry seeds for exfoliation, and rich moisturizing oils to help increase circulation, remove dead skin cells, and nourish the skin with antioxidants. 

The refreshing essential oil blend has notes of orange, lemongrass, grapefruit, and cedarwood. This scent is loved by folks of all genders. Scrub clean, and leave your shower refreshed and ready for the day! 

Ingredients: Saponified oils of olive, coconut, soy, castor, almond, and evening primrose. Essential Oil Blend. Organic Herbs (blueberry seeds.) VEGAN.

4.3oz | made with love