Rosemary Hydrosol

Rosemary Hydrosol

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Besides brightening and clarifying all complexions, it can help calm irritations, blemishes, bumps, and roughness as well as decongest clogged pores. It works on the middle layers of the skin, soothing and healing from the inside out.

Energetically, Rosemary is very energizing and uplifting and, traditionally, has been known to help with mental clarity.

Note: Avoid in cases of high blood pressure and in the first trimester of pregnancy.

2 oz | 60 mL

Season: Winter
Aroma Energetics: Stimulating, warming, uplifting
Organ Systems: Kidney, Bladder, Heart, Liver, Lung
TCM Function: To tonify the Qi, raise Yang Qi and strengthen the spirit

Formulated For:
Dry Skin
Combination Skin
Oily Skin
Congested Skin

Ingredients: Distilled water, *Rosemary. *certified organic