Rosy Cheeks Exfoliating Mask

Rosy Cheeks Exfoliating Mask

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A gentle face mask to slough off old skin without the harshness of traditional exfoliating scrubs. A lovely shade of rosy pink, this blend high in Vitamin C incorporates the nourishing benefits of rose hips + hibiscus with the skin-healing and calming effects of yarrow. 

Since there are no essential oils and it's made with kaolin clay instead of bentonite, it's FABULOUS for sensitive skin.  

Waterless, preservative-free, potent powdered formula

This mask comes as a dry powder that needs to be activated by mixing with water. This allows it to be freshly mixed up before each use rather than a traditional wet mask that has been pre-mixed with water and sitting in preservatives before you buy it.

Ingredients: *White Kaolin Clay, *Hibiscus petals, *Rose hips, *Yarrow leaf + flower. *indicates organic

Formulated For:
Sensitive Skin
Dry Skin
Combination Skin
Damaged Skin
Overactive Skin

To Use: 
Mix 1-2 tsp. of the powder with water or your favorite hydrosol to make a paste. Apply to your skin and leave on for 8-10 minutes. Wash off with warm water before mask dries and follow with a hydrosol or facial toner and face serum.

2 oz.