Seasonal Rites Bundle

Seasonal Rites Bundle

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Imagine this...

A warm kitchen smelling of cinnamon, clove, orange, and evergreen, decked with bows of Fir trees and lit with bright, honey-scented beeswax candles. On the stove, hot spiced cider is simmering away and a fire crackles in the hearth. The room itself seems to take on a life of its own, embodying Yule and embracing you completely. It beckons to you, "Come in, stay awhile, sip some tea and warm yourself by the fire."

Outside, snow dusts tree limbs, pine needles, hedges, roofs, and the solid, frozen earth beneath us. The Fir trees stand tall and strong, showing off their brilliant green. They seem to rejoice that mid-winter is here.

This is Yule. A time of deep rest, nourishment, stillness. In the dead of Winter, the light is reborn, the annual cycle starts anew, and in these dark, fallow depths lies a spark of fertile creativity.

With the Rites of Winter: Yule, you're invited to sink into your roots and replenish yourself, preparing for the impending birth of the Sun and return of the light. This bundle contains potions to nourish your roots, restore your spirit, and remember your deep connection to Earth as it is reflected in your bones, your blood, and your breath.


If you love surprises and don't want to choose what comes in your bundle, let us choose for you! Just add the bundle to your cart without choosing any options and we'll send you a surprise collection of Yule-inspired potions.

Order your Bundle by December 13 to be a Yule Medicine Keeper + receive it by Yule (December 21). After December 13, the Rites of Winter: Yule goes away forever!

As a Medicine Keeper for the bundle, you receive:

  • your bundle for the discounted rate of $30.
  • an e-book with descriptions and uses for each item, plus additional recipes and ideas for working with seasonal plants.
  • a recorded, guided journey.
  • samples of other Wild Grace Apothecary products.
  • 10% off in the shop for the season!


Subscribe to receive your Seasonal Rites Bundle every 6 weeks for each festival in the Wheel of the Year! You'll get 10% off every bundle, along with the other perks as a Medicine Keeper, extra surprises and ritual tools, and you can cancel any time.*

*Due to the handmade nature of the bundles, please cancel your subscription by the date at which orders need to be placed.