Wild Medicine Bundle

Wild Medicine Bundle

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The veil thins for the second time of the year at Samhain, opposite Beltane {May Day} in the Wheel of the year, which means the energy is ripe for connecting with and honoring our ancestors and the spirits of the Otherworld.

In terms of the Celtic calendar, it's the New Year. A time for reflection, for letting go of the old and invoking the new. A time to re-member who you are. A time, perhaps, for old layers to be shed, die, and allow the Earth to compost in order to birth the next layer of you. 

We'll explore the symbolism and energetics of Pumpkin and invite some profound connection with your ancestors. You'll have tools and opportunity to explore the death+rebirth aspect of the season of the Crone. And you'll receive potions to celebrate the beauty + potency of your own inner Crone.

If you love surprises and don't want to choose what comes in your bundle, let us choose for you! Just add the bundle to your cart without choosing any options and we'll send you a surprise collection of Samhain-inspired potions.

Order your Bundle by October 24 to be a Samhain Medicine Keeper + receive it by Samhain (October 31). After October 24, the Samhain Wild Medicine Bundle goes away forever!

As a Medicine Keeper for the bundle, you receive:

  • 5 full-size products for wholesale prices.
  • an e-book with descriptions and uses for each item, plus additional recipes and ideas for working with seasonal plants + energies.
  • a recorded, guided journey.
  • samples of other Wild Grace Apothecary products.
  • 10% off in the shop for the season!


Subscribe to receive your Wild Medicine Bundle every 6 weeks for each festival in the Wheel of the Year! You'll get 10% off every bundle, along with the other perks as a Medicine Keeper, extra surprises and ritual tools, and you can cancel any time.*

*Due to the handmade nature of the bundles, please cancel your subscription by the date at which orders need to be placed.