Toners: Hydrate + Calm

"Why do I need to use a toner?"

I hear this question all the time from clients and customers. 

To be perfectly honest, I never used to use toners. The function of cleansers, moisturizers, and masks seemed to be pretty clear, but toners? What's the point of toning your skin? It seemed like just another product to spend money on.

Then I learned about hydrosols, and while for a long time I still didn't see the necessity of them, I loved using them. Refreshing, clarifying, hydrating. A product that I could use throughout the day, even over make up, to help with my dry skin was feeling/looking tired? Yes please!

But still, what's the point? Do they just provide skincare companies a reason to charge for yet another product that they somehow convince you that you need?

I dove into researching. I learned all kinds of things about optimal skin pH, moisture levels, and how skin responds to particular plants. I discovered what happens when you cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize, and tone your skin. I learned about different skin types and how they might respond differently to various products and plants. 

And I learned a lot!

An important part of happy, luminous skin, no matter what your skin type is, is hydration. And no matter how wonderfully moisturizing those oils and balms are, they don't hydrate because they're not water-based. While protecting + moisturizing your skin with nourishing oils is awesome (I do it everyday), your skin also needs hydration to keep it functioning well, as an organ of detoxification, and looking beautiful. 

Because of this hydrating function, toners and hydrosols also calm irritated and reactive skin, as well as balance oily/acneic skin. 

As someone with combination/dry skin, my current favorite toners are the Rose Petal Hydrosol and Lavender Hydrosol.

Check out our array of hydrosols and face mists for all skin types to add some hydration to your skincare + beauty rituals.

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  • I, enthusiastically LOVE your hydrosols! I mostly used rosewater as my toner until I received your first wild medicine bundle last fall. I was hooked on the seasonal vibe and will continue to use your hydrosols with each respective turn of the wheel. Thank you for this great post Katie!

    Lindsay Hagfoot

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