Beauty Medicine Keepers


From our hearts to yours, thank you for your interest in spreading the Wild Grace love. Our community of skin ritualists, plant lovers, and earth tenders is a vibrant one and I'm ecstatic to expand our presence together.

We've made it easy to apply for our new affiliate program! Here's how:

That's it!

We have two tiers of affiliates and answering the questions in our application will simply help us determine which makes the most sense for you to be in. Whichever tier you land in, you'll get:

  • 20% of every sale you make
  • To offer 20% off Wild Grace products to your community
  • Botanical skincare education and special workshops available just to the Beauty Medicine Keepers

Once you're approved, you'll be able to access your account, update your payment settings, and start receiving money right to your PayPal account for each purchase made through your unique link.


*Please note, if an affiliate buys through their own referral link/coupon, they will receive the discount but will not be given commission for that sale. Products made by other vendors we carry are not included in our affiliate program. Only Wild Grace branded products are included.