He Shou Wu | Mood, Immune System, Beauty, Longevity

He Shou Wu | Mood, Immune System, Beauty, Longevity

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This powerful qi (life force) tonic is known for its anti-aging and fertility-enhancing properties. He Shou Wu builds the blood by strengthening red blood cell membranes and increasing circulation of red blood cells, which helps restore hair color.

He Shou Wu enhances immunity, adrenocortical function, and is known traditionally as a Kidney, blood and yin tonic. We love it for supporting postpartum bodies!

Indicated for:
Fertility Tonic
Adrenal Support
Promotes Hair Growth
Blood Tonic

To use:
Add one serving to any warm tea, milk, coffee. Take daily or as needed.

4oz (113g) wildcrafted 16:1 extract powder
90 servings

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