Lavender Hydrosol

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New Size! Moving from 60ml to 100ml.

Soothing, cooling, calming, and restorative for the skin and spirit, Lavender is marvelous for blemish-prone and dry skin. It assists in hydrating dry skin and balancing oily skin, especially blemishing triggered by stress and excess heat.

Our Lavender Hydrosol, like our entire line of hydrosols, is sourced from a single farm where the Lavender is grown, gathered at its peak, and distilled on site ensuring the freshest distillation full of essential oils and medicinal benefits for your skin.

Season: Imbolc, Lughnasa
Aroma Energetics: Relaxing, cooling, harmonizing, refreshing
Organ Systems: Liver, Gallbladder, Pericardium, Heart
TCM Function: To activate the Qi, nourish the Yin, clear heat, and calm the spirit


Formulated For:
Sensitive Skin
Dry Skin
Combination Skin
Overactive Skin
Oily Skin

Ingredients: Single Farm Copper-Distilled Lavender Hydrosol*

*Certified Organic

To use:
After cleansing, mist hydrosol over your face, neck, and chest. Follow with a serum or balm. Indulge in mists of hydrosol as the heart desires.