Evergreen Tree Magic + Medicine

Dear Wild and wise ones,

High in Vitamin C, Evergreen trees are chock full of antioxidants and medicinal benefits. But just as important is the energetic and emotional support these powerful beings offer. 

One of the plants playing a big role in the Yule bundles is Black Spruce. With its ascending and strengthening energetics, Black Spruce symbolizes the healthy Masculine. In fact, it's often used therapeutically to address issues around the father wound and healing one's relationship with the Masculine.

But consider the rootedness of these magnificent trees as well. This rooted, bracing nature points to Black Spruce's ability to help bridge connections to our ancestors, helping us bring awareness to how we might heal our own trauma as well as that of our lineage. And what better time to deepen into that connection than in the dark of Midwinter when we're already pulled deep into our roots?

A gorgeous complement to the masculine nature of Black Spruce, Myrtle was burned by the Ancient Greeks as an offering to the goddess Artemis. One of the archetypes embodied in the bundle, Artemis is present with us right now as the sign of Sagittarius in which the Sun resides through the Winter Solstice.

While the oil distilled from its leaves makes incredible medicine for skin, Mediterranean folk medicine has indicated infusions of the leaves to help with women's heath for centuries. 

Balsam and Douglas Fir, perhaps the most synonymous with Yule of all the Evergreens, are considered the guardians of the Earth. Some believe that the oils distilled from fir needles dissolve the "heavy" air that is a by-product of arguments or uncomfortable feelings. Tea brewed from the needles contains vital Vitamin C that both helps ward off the normal crud going around in the winter as well as uplift the spirit, bring light and cheer to dark wintry days, and support stressed out nervous systems. In terms of Chinese Medicine, Coniferous trees tonify the immune system, nourish blood, dry dampness, and ease tension and pain by dispelling wind. 

To me, whether simply sitting with them and connecting to their spirit, sipping a tea made of Fir needles, or working mindfully with the essential oils, all of these plants invite us deeper into our physical bodies as a way to tap into our consciousness and innate wisdom. 

If you love learning more about plant energetics, folk magic + lore, history, as well as recipes to make your own plant medicine, you'll love the e-books that come with the medicine bundle!

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