Indulge in the Wild Grace Line of Body Care

Indulge yourself with the Wild Grace Line of Body Care. 
Each product roots you deep into your body with divine textures and sensuous aromas. These blends of raw, unrefined butters, house-made plant extracts, and luxurious essential oils will revitalize your skin and renew your soul.
"The way we tend to our bodies cannot be underestimated. The way we physically adorn ourselves is not superficial or shallow. It is sacred. It is ritual. And it is love." says Katie, Founder of Wild Grace.
Our favorite way to use our Wild Grace Body Care is after a warm shower or bath while the skin is still damp, massaging it into your skin and allowing the scent to ground your into your body. 

Terra, Latin for Earth. Root yourself in Radiance.

Terra Body Butter, a luxurious blend of raw Shea and organic Mango butter whipped with vanilla, resinous balsam, & spicy, sultry cardamom leaves skin soft & glowing:

  • Mango Butter, a natural emollient, helps your skin retain more moisture. Additionally, this anti-inflammatory, nutrient-dense butter can help to soothe and repair damaged skin.
  • Kokum Butter, a light, astringent butter, protects your lipid barrier and helps to regenerate skin cells to improve skin tone and texture.

Transform dry, itchy skin with Terra Body Butter. If you had been using Vanilla Cardamom, you will love Terra!

Customer Love for Terra Body Butter:

"My dry skin loves this body butter and the divine scent relaxes my whole body. As with most of Wild Grace products, a little goes a long way and this jar lasted much longer than expected (even with regular body slathering)." -Eleni L.

Helios, named after the God of the Sun. Slather yourself in Sunshine.

Helios Shimmering Body Oil, a moisturizing and sparkling body oil, is delicately scented with citrus and smells like sunshine: 

  • The base of Helios is a house-made oil infusion of Calendula & Saint John's Wort. Both of these plants have many benefits for skin, including soothing inflammation, reducing free radical damage, and relieving sunburns.
  • Meadowfoam Seed Oil is lightweight and absorbs easily while soothing and softening the skin, making it a lovely Summer body oil for all skin types.

Anoint yourself with Helios Shimmering Body Oil and notice what it feels like to slather yourself in gold while softening and nourishing your skin.

Customer Love for Helios:

"The Helios Body Oil is AMAZING. Thank you for this magic. On top of smelling like sunshine and making my tattoos hydrated and my skin soft and glowy, it soothes chronic muscle pain which is such a relief. It's like basking in warming relaxing healing sunlight, in a bottle!! In love with this stuff." -Jeanine W.

Aurora, named after the Goddess of the Dawn. Summon your Sacred Feminine.

Aurora Breast Oil is made with lymph-loving botanicals like Calendula and Red Clover paired beautifully with demulcents (moistening plants) like Violet leaf and Seaweed to support breast tissue and move stagnant lymph:

  • The base of Aurora, Avocado Oil absorbs deeply into the skin and is incredibly moisturizing, making it a wonderful massage oil.
  • Castor Oil, known for its wound-healing properties, leaves your skin feeling soft & nourished.

Delicately scented with Bergamot, Vetiver, Balsam of Peru, and Grapefruit for a divine, spicy, and sensual scent, Aurora also makes for a sweet & sexy partner massage!⁠

Show your breasts some love with Aurora Breast Oil. If you had been using Irish Moss & Violet Breast Oil, you will love Aurora.

Customer Love for Aurora:

"A beautiful oil that has become part of a ritual practice of engaging lovingly with my body and my sensuality. Highly recommend!"- Laurel H.


Opus, Latin for Great Work. Honor your Inherent Creativity.

Opus Womb Oil is a slow-infused blend formulated with herbs and oils known to ease tension, soften tissues, and move stagnant energy around the pelvis and low belly:

  • Anti-inflammatory Rosemary, Yarrow, & Mugwort ease menstrual cramps & reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Castor Oil is traditionally used to relieve menstrual cramps and support uterine health.
  • Opus is finished with our favorite essential oils for the womb like calming, relaxing Clary Sage and warming Ginger.

Make Opus Womb Oil part of your regular self care ritual. If you had been using Moonwort Womb Oil, you will love Opus! 

Customer Love for Opus:

"I am loving this oil! It has really been helping to ease my menstural cramps. I especially love putting some heat over my low belly after applying this, but it helps even if I don't, yay!"- Sarah V.

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