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Today let's explore the profound medicine of a long-time plant ally of mine.

My first experience with Reishi on its own was doing a plant meditation with a Reishi decoction and it awakened within me a deep reverence for medicinal mushrooms. I think I learned what “embodied” actually felt like that day. It was an incredibly deep, rooted remembrance of something ancient within me. As if my bones were whispering stories of my forest ancestors, plant ancestors as well as human. To this day, with the many experiences I’ve had with plants, I have never experienced something quite like it. Reishi is a true teacher, ally, friend, and elder.

Reishi has a potent yet friendly way of pulling you deeper into the plant realms, the spirit realm, across the veil. Reishi draws you into dreamtime. Into deep, profound stillness to commune with the Earth’s own omniscient under current.

This is one of the many reasons I love Reishi for the Winter season.

In Winter, we enter deeper states of consciousness. We dream. We sleep deeply.

Reishi supports this process as well as the processes that take place while we are in that dreamtime.

As the “Queen of Adaptogens”, Reishi deeply restores the nervous system and immune system and supports cellular repair. Used for centuries in Asia, monks esteemed it as a “shen” tonic, supporting their meditation practices and the cultivation of wisdom. I actually consider it to be a subtle psychedelic as it enhances our perception of the unseen.

Physically, Reishi restores our vitality and helps us in cultivating our resilience and adaptability, an essential part of working to come home to ourselves and our bodies.

For our skin, Reishi contains hydrating and soothing polysaccharides and B Vitamins, but it also has a specific affinity for the lymphatic system, which can decrease puffiness and stagnation. These constituents, along with amino acids and peptides, are extracted beautifully in water, making Reishi a potent ingredient in masks like the one that’s featured in the Winter Beauty Medicine E-Book.

Consumed or used topically, Reishi deeply nourishes the skin as an organ of the senses, of protection, and of connection as the skin plays vital roles in our lymphatic and immune systems as well as its key function as an organ of elimination.


  • Lumen Repair Serum - Packed with whole plant medicine, our skin mending serum is a luxurious and potent treatment for scarring, acne, eczema, discoloration, or skin barrier damage.
  • Eros | Rose & Reishi Cocoa - Our blend of adaptogenic roots, grounding mushrooms, and rose is the definition of slow living. I love it with a swirl of honey and splash of cream.

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