Chaga | Adaptogen, Antioxidants, Immune Support

Chaga | Adaptogen, Antioxidants, Immune Support

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This legendary “King of Plants” and “Diamond of the Forest” is the precious cornerstone of the Siberian Shaman’s medicine chest, with a rich, centuries-old history of use in Eastern folk medicine. Famed mummy Otzi - the Iceman - was discovered with 5,000 year-old chaga in his pockets. From a gastro-intestinal tonic for the ancients, to a coffee substitute during World War II, to a viral inhibitor today, chaga offers a broad spectrum of powerful, research-backed healing properties. With one of the highest known concentrations of antioxidants in any food, chaga is also rich in phytonutrients, zinc, b-vitamins, digestive enzymes, and minerals...protecting cells, reducing inflammation, improving cardiovascular and metabolic health, cleansing the liver, aiding in digestion, regulating the immune system, and promoting endurance and longevity. Root + Bones' chaga is sustainably harvested from Siberia and contains greater than 25% beta-glucans.

Chaga may reduce inflammation, improve cardiovascular and metabolic health, cleanse the liver, aid in digestion, and regulation of the immune system

Indicated for:
Weakened Immune System
Liver Function
Adrenal Support
Cardiovascular and metabolic health
Modulating inflammation

To use:
Add one serving to any warm tea, milk, coffee. Take daily or as needed.

4oz (113g) extract powder
75 servings

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