Handmade Mask Bowl

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The perfect size to mix your dry masks with your favorite hydrosol or warm water, these mask bowls are handmade here in Eugene by local artist Nicole Hummel

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About Our Masks:

When you purchase a wet mask that's been blended with waters, aloe, glycerin, and other water based ingredients, it requires a preservative and if those masks contain clay, it requires an especially strong preservative because wet clay is one of mold's favorite foods. We formulate dry masks for several reasons:⁠

1) They're as fresh as possible when they get to you, there's no chance of bacteria, yeast, or mold growing in your mask, and you don't have to use it in a super short span of time.⁠

2) They're customizable! Depending on how your skin is feeling on any particular day, you can blend your mask with warm water, hydrosol, a brewed tea, or even a carrier oil or liquid cleanser. These masks are made to meet your skin where it's at.⁠

3) We're big fans of whole plant skincare rather than extracts that only harness some of a plants' compounds. When you blend your mask with your chosen liquid, you're rehydrating a whole plant which your skin, as a part of nature as well, recognizes and knows what to do with because plants and your skin speak the same language.⁠

4) When you purchase one of our masks, you're purchasing the pure, intentionally-sourced plants and clays. You're not paying for a bunch of fillers and water. Our masks are extremely potent, yet gentle enough for the most sensitive skin.⁠