Nurture | Postpartum Support, Nourishing, Blood Tonic

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Nurture is designed with postpartum needs in mind, blending the most potent Traditional Chinese Medicine herbs to support the typical hormonal and blood deficiencies women experience after childbirth. This formula combines classical Taoist herbs traditionally enlisted to support women’s vitality, nourish and replenish the blood, and help maintain robust feminine health, especially after giving birth. Featuring only potent herbal extracts, this proprietary blend is comprised of: He Shou Wu, Angelica Root, Prepared Rehmannia, Black Sesame, Jujube Fruit, Salvia Root, Cornus Officinalis, and Orange Peel. 

We recommend taking our Nurture blend for approximately 4 months postpartum. For best results, we recommend that you begin taking our Nurture blend as prenatal support (consult with your physician first) for approximately 2 months (for a total of 6 months). 

People with known medical conditions should consult with their doctors before taking any supplements.

Indicated for:
Postpartum Support

To use:
Add one serving to any warm tea, milk, coffee. Take daily or as needed.

4 oz (114g)
30 servings

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