Sacred Boundaries Anointing Oil

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Do you ever take on the emotions of others, sometimes without even realizing it's not yours to begin with? Maybe you find yourself easily overwhelmed by external stimuli, like crowds or noisy environments? And you probably feel depleted after working with clients or the public?

Sacred Boundaries Anointing Oil is for you. Empaths. Therapists. Healers. Highly sensitive people. As well as those who walk between worlds, those who work with the ancestors, and the sacred space holders. Sometimes you need a little extra protection, a way to say "this is where my energy begins and ends."

This light anointing oil is crafted with plants like Yarrow, Palo Santo, & Clary Sage that aid with creating strong energetic boundaries, discernment between your feelings and those of others, and feeling drained after doing certain types of work.

NEW in this blend! We’ve infused Sacred Boundaries Anointing Oil with the energy of Amethyst, Black Tourmaline, Obsidian, Tiger’s Eye, and Labradorite. These crystals and gems are protective, dispel negative energy, and promote inner strength and clarity of mind.

10 mL | 0.34 oz

Ingredients: *Sunflower Oil, *Rosemary, *Yarrow, Essential oils of *Juniper Berry, *Palmarosa, Clary Sage, *Bay Laurel, Palo Santo, Virginia Cedarwood. 

*certified organic

To use:

Roll on to the chest, neck, and arms at the start of your day or when you need extra energetic boundaries.