3 Ways to Modify Your Skincare for Spring

While we're not quite there yet, spring's arrival is imminent. We're so close! Can you feel it? It's still cold and damp here in the Pacific Northwest, but I can feel the gentle hum of the Earth awakening. Tiny leaf buds have appeared on the trees and our blueberry bushes. Raspberry canes are ever so slowly pushing through the damp, fertile soil.

While it still feels too early to start seeds, the Great Mother is slowly emerging from her deep slumber and our own inner waters are beginning to gently flow.

In the spring, we want to use our skincare to encourage lymphatic movement and assist your skin's function as an organ of elimination. Especially if your skin feels puffy, dull, or congested, you want to focus on moving stagnation and lightening your skin's load by swapping out some of your skincare products, doing gentle facial massage, and introducing some alteratives (plants that open the channels of elimination and assist the body's natural detoxification processes) into your routine.

We'll get into some herbal recommendations next week, but for now, here are three skincare swaps to make as we transition from winter into spring.

  1. Switch to using lighter oil serums or balms. In the spring, our organs of elimination (liver, kidneys, lungs, intestines, and skin) are working overtime to clear out lymphatic stagnation that accumulates over the winter. Lighter serums nourish the skin while allowing it to breathe a bit easier. If you're not using it already, we recommend checking out our Luna Balancing Serum to assist your skin in finding its perfect balance of oil production.
  2. Use decongesting cleansers and masks. As I mentioned, the skin is working hard right now to help clear your body of accumulated metabolic waste. Cleansing oils like Vesper help dissolve impurities moving out through your skin. Rosa Purifying Mask keeps your skin a clear channel so it can work effectively and efficiently to eliminate that metabolic waste, preventing build-up that results in breakouts, redness, and inflammation.
  3. Swap your hydrosol. Choose one with lymphagogue and/or astringent properties such as Calendula, Yarrow, or Rose. This plants support lymphatic movement, calm inflammation and redness, help prevent breakouts, and balance oil production. They also help maintain your skin's naturally acidic pH, essential for a happy and healthy skin barrier.

Even if your skin tends to be on the dry side, it's important to support lymphatic movement, decongestion, and emergence. If you feel like a light serum isn't enough moisture or you want to stick with a balm, try our Anam Cara Restorative Balm. It's slightly less occlusive and contains butters that, while deeply nourishing, are quicker to absorb into your skin.

I also recommend supporting your skin and lymphatic system with facial massage or using a gua sha stone to encourage lymphatic drainage through your face and neck.

If you love this and you're curious about how to repair your skin barrier and deeply nourish your skin, check out my free guide Repair & Renew: Heal Your Skin Barrier with Whole Plant Skincare. In it, you'll learn about common reasons your skin's barrier gets damaged, how to nurture, heal, and protect it, and how whole plant skincare can help!

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